What is a sample sale?

The term sample sale originally meant a sale of designer's samples. Samples are what designers use to show their collection to buyers and owners of retail stores. At the end of a season, the designer no longer has a need for these samples. So, once or twice a year they sell the samples to the public, where they usually would be sold at wholesale prices. Usually, the selection would be limited in pieces and sizes.

Today, many of these designers have taken this one giant step forward... stock sales. After a manufacturer has shipped their merchandise to their stores, there is usually inventory leftover. This leftover merchandise is often supplied to us, to be featured in one of our stock sales. Our stock sales are open to the public, where you can find the latest fashions, from the top designers at savings from 50% to 80% below retail prices.

How often do sample sales occur?

We run sample sales approximately 40 weeks per year. Since our schedule and the designers we feature change weekly, it is important to keep up to date with this week's sale and our upcoming sales schedule.

Why shop with clothingline?

Quite simply, we offer some of the biggest selections, at the best prices, from many of the hottest manufacturers / vendors in the industry. The sales we run are the official stock & sample sales, authorized directly by the manufacturer.

What is the difference between our sample ales and online "sale" sites?

clothingline runs authorized sample sales directly for the manufacturer / vendor. What that means is that the goods are shipped to us directly from the manufacturer on consignment. We are authorized by these manufacturers to sell their goods for them. At the end of each sale, all goods are shipped directly back to these manufacturers. Because we are running the sale for these manufacturers, we get the largest quantities and selections of styles, colors & sizes. More importantly, because we run these sales directly for the manufacturer, we almost always sell them at prices that can't be beat!

What is the difference between an exclusive sample sale and a group sample sale?

An exclusive sample sale is a sale in which we will feature only one manufacturer / vendor. We run exclusive sample sales for Theory, Tory Burch, Chilewich and several other manufacturers. A group sale is a sale in which we can combine anywhere from two to 20 different manufacturers / vendors.

Who are some of the Manufacturers we run stock & sample sales for?

Theory, Tory Burch, Helmut Lang, J. Crew, Chilewich, Gryphon, Milly, Free People, Jacadi, Tocca, AKA, Ali Ro and so much more.

Why should you tell your friends about our sales?

The more people we get through our door the more popular our sales become, encouraging more manufacturers to utilize our services.  This means more sales, more variety, and more savings for you.